DTI-CX Exclusive Conference

Digital Transformation Indonesia Conference & Expo (DTI-CX) supporting the government, state-owned enterprises, and coorporation in Indonesia to innovate with technology and digital transformation, organize a conference with the theme “Transforming People, Business, and Society” as a form of effort to help create digital transformation as well as to facilitate discussions about government strategy in doing public service transformation.

Following the national digital transformation mapping plan 2021-2024, DTI-CX 2022 will reflect on  digital acceleration in the sectors of government services, financial services, telecommunications, health, manufacturing, utilities, and infrastructure. DTI-CX will serve as a place for government and non-government stakeholders to engage in meaningful and constructive policy dialogues about how to adjust policies and recognize the impacts and challenges of digital transformation across all sectors of the economy and society.

This two-day conference will feature highly regarded and internationally recognized experts who will discuss digital transformation in Indonesian society—how it has affected people’s livelihoods, Who have been overlooked, and what can be done to scale up its benefits and mitigate perceived risks.

Confirmed Speakers
Johnny G Plate

Johnny Gerard Plate
Minister of Communication and Information Technology,
Republic of Indonesia*

Sarwoto Atmosutarno

Sarwoto Atmosutarno
Ketua Umum
MASTEL (The Indonesian Telematics Society)

Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, B.Sc.
Director General of Informatics Applications, Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Informatics

Indra Utoyo

Indra Utoyo
PT Allo Bank Indonesia, Tbk

Highlighted Topics

With the theme TRANSFORMING PEOPLE, BUSINESS, AND SOCIETY, the two-day conference program will include sessions addressing the following sub-themes:

  • Accelerating National Digital Transformation Agenda
  • The Importance of Low Latency Infrastructure in Digital Business Transformation
  • Data Privacy and Democracy in the Digital Era: National Challenge?
  • Supporting the Acceleration of Digital Health Transformation in Indonesia
  • Indonesia Readiness in Adapting EMR and Its Data Protection
  • Equitable Distribution of Digital Infrastructure Development in the Frontier, Outermost and Least Development Areas
  • Bridging Between Conventional and Digital Bank
  • Towards a more inclusive banking system: how banks can address financial inclusivity for all Indonesians
  • Optimizing Digital Transformation in Manufacture
  • Orchestrating the Industry Players to Accelerate Digital Inclusion
  • The Importance of Cyber Security in Supporting National Digital Transformation
  • Cloud and Data Center as Accelerators in Optimizing Indonesia’s Digital Transformation
  • Implementation of Risk Management in Digital Transformation by Non-bank Financial Services Institutions
  • Towards a Digital Society – Developing Digital Talent in Indonesia
This event is exclusive for invited guests only, make sure your name is on the invite list by filling out the form below:

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