Continuing the Journey: Sustainable Growth through Digital Transformation

31 July – 1 August 2024, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC Senayan),  Indonesia

The DTI-CX 2024 ConferenceDTI-CX 2024 Conference offers a dynamic two-day experience with 48+ sessions exploring diverse aspects of digital transformation. Topics range from cutting-edge technologies like AI and Cybersecurity to practical applications in industries such as Manufacturing, Banking, and Healthcare. Join leaders, tech experts, and policymakers in engaging discussions across three conference rooms.

2024 Conference Topics Include:

Industry Focus
Conference Topic


  • Tech Trends in Indonesian Manufacturing: Harnessing Digital Tools for Operational Excellence
  • Industry 5.0: Transforming Manufacturing in Indonesia for the Digital Age
  • Consumer-Centric FMCG: Using Data Insights for Product Innovation and Personalization
Banking FSI
  • Banking on Tomorrow: “Transforming Cross-Border Payments – Pioneering the Future of Banking
  • Unlocking Financial Inclusion: The Role of Technology in Banking
  • Open Banking Ecosystems: The Future of Financial Innovation
  • Financial Inclusion: Bridging Gaps through Digital Banking
  • Fintech and Banking Partnerships: Unlocking New Opportunities
  • Emerging Trends in Insuretech: Leveraging Technology for Better Coverage



  • Telehealth Revolution: Navigating the Future of Remote Healthcare Services
  • Interoperability and Data Sharing: Breaking Down Silos for Seamless Healthcare
Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Navigating the Digital Frontier: Strategies for Optimizing Oil and Gas Exploration in Indonesia
  • AI and Big Data Analytics in Resource Exploration: Case Studies and Best Practices
  • Mining in the 5G Era: Innovations for Enhanced Safety and Productivity
Utility & Infrastructure
  • Digital Transformation in Electricity: Grid Modernization, Renewable Integration, and Energy Access
  • Investing in Digital Infrastructure: Strategies for Public and Private Sector Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure: Safeguarding Against Digital Threats
  • Precision Agriculture: Revolutionizing Farming Through Digital Transformation
  • Digital AgTech Innovations: Opportunities and Challenges for Indonesian Agriculture
  • From Traditional to Tech-Enabled: Strategies for EdTech Integration in Indonesian Institutions
  • Digital Inclusion and Equity in Education: Bridging the Digital Divide
Real Estate
  • Accelerating Production and Enhancing Efficiency: Digital Transformation in Indonesian Industrial Zones
  • Connected Buildings: Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Building Management
Solution Focus
Conference Topic
ISP & Telco Tech
  • Emerging Telco Trends: Shaping the Future of Indonesian Connectivity
  • ISP Innovation: Powering Indonesia’s Internet Revolution
  • Telco Technologies: Enhancing Connectivity and Customer Experience
Fiber & Tower
  • Fiber-Optic Revolution: Expanding Indonesia’s Digital Highway
  • Rural Connectivity: Extending Fiber and Towers to Every Corner of Indonesia

Enterprise Solution

  • Data-Driven Enterprises: Leveraging Analytics for Growth and Efficiency
Data Center Tech
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Data Centers: Adapting to Indonesia’s Business Needs
  • The Green Data Center Revolution: Sustainability and Efficiency in Indonesia
Data Management
  • Data-Driven Enterprises: Leveraging Analytics for Succesfull Growth and Efficiency
  • From Collection to Strategy: Nurturing Sustainable Growth with Data Management
Cyber Security
  • Building a Cyber-Aware Workforce: Staying One Step Ahead of Cyber Adversaries in Indonesia
  • Cyber Resilience in Government: Protecting Indonesia’s Digital Infrastructure
AI and Big Data
  • Government 2.0: How AI and Big Data Are Transforming Public Services
And many more…

Interested to be a speaker? Speaking at DTI-CX 2024 Conference Series will give you the opportunity as a thought-leadership to become a voice of the industry, allowing you to share your strategic insights to shape the future of Digital Transformation in the country.