About Us

PT Adhouse Clarion Events is a local business with 30 years of experience operation in Indonesia, supported by the International Infrastructure of the wider Clarion Events Group with 2,700 employees based in offices worldwide.

Therefore, PT Adhouse Clarion Events launched Digital Transformation Indonesia Conference and Expo (DTI-CX) which brings together corporates, SOEs, and governments who are looking for tech partners to learn and execute their digital transformation plan in the future to transform people, business, and data.

DTI realizes that when it comes to digital transformation, there’s a lot to consider with transformation and we are focused on the “now factor” and on implementation with holistic solutions and avoiding the hyperbole around technologies.

DTI-CX provides you an opportunity to meet with key stakeholders in enterprise solutions, data, cloud, Ai, communications, system integration, training, and many more.
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