Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika

KOMINFO – Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Republic of Indonesia

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Indonesian: Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika), is a ministry of the government of Indonesia that is responsible for communication and information affairs. The ministry reports to the president is and led to by a minister


MASTEL – The Indonesian Telematics Society 

The Indonesia Telematics Society or abbreviated MASTEL, is a non-profit organization in Indonesia which was founded on December 1, 1993. MASTEL is a forum for all stakeholders in the filed of  information, communication and broadcasting technology consisting of business players, associations and professionals.

Supporting Partners


ASKOMPSI –  Association of Indonesian Province DISKOMINFO 

ASKOMPSI is a forum for interaction in the fields of Communication and Information Technology, Cryptography and Statistics at the Provincial level

Dewan Asuransi Indonesia

DAI – The Insurance Council of Indonesia 

DAI is a coordinating institution for insurance education, management of development, management of insurance publications and coordination of association activities and other duties deemed important and necessary. DAI is domiciled in Jakarta, has members of insurance industry associations and has partners in carrying out its duties.


APTIKNAS – The National Information and Communication Technology Entrepreneurs Association

APTIKNAS is an association resulting from a new agreement from entrepreneurs who were previously under the Indonesian Computer Entrepreneurs Association. With the experience of the members who have now grown, not only related to the world of computers, but also penetrated into other fields within the scope of information and communication technology.

Logo AHI

AHI – Indonesia HealthTech Association

AHI is an association that focus on advancing healthcare in Indonesia by building a digital ecosystem to make Indonesian healthcare better for everyone


ASBANDA – Regional Development Bank Association